Monday, December 14, 2009

Big Bear Failure

Leigh went to Big Bear. Cassandra could not. She sucks balls. This is being typed by Cassandra. I do suck for not going to Big Bear though. Hopefully though we'll be able to film something before I go off to Colorado until the New Year. HOPEFULLY. Leigh and I totally had someone ask us about Pajamarama saying they heard about it and were in total shock because we haven't posted anything up as Pajamarama before and haven't mentioned it to this person. Fucking crazy right? Well we thought it was. A Rep. getting started before you do anything, not to bad for some UCB newbies. Okay I'm done typing, I'm just posting this up to keep the anticipation for us to hurry and post something up. For the one follower. Me. But who knows, maybe someone will look this far back in the archives someday. If you're that person, we salute you.

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